Queuing management, ordering, online order taking, checkout or loyalty management, V2s is THE device which can support them all. The large capacity battery ensures continuous operations through an entire shift so you can carry out your work efficiently.

Supermarket manager

In a supermarket, the diversity of goods and their shelf life bring extra challenges to managers. Thanks to its 2D scan engine and label printing capabilities, the V2s can reduce the hassle associated with labeling and facilitate the inventory process.

Entertainment venue greeter
V2s can help support your venue ticket checking. Paper or mobile tickets,2D or QR code, can be checked by the V2s, equipped with a professional scan engine. Its strong stable body can be held with one hand, allowing you to still bring fun to the children.

Four breakthroughs are only for
smooth and lasting experience.


New SUNMI OS, Beyond itself.

All the benefits of new SUNMI OS for a better performing device. Running speed is increased by up to 20%*, application startup is 15%* faster, to more easily switch between applications. 

*Compared to SUNMI V2

Running Speed

Application Startup Speed

CPU Enhancement

Upgraded to 4-core 2.0GHz from 4-core 1.3GHz.

Memory Expansion

Expanded to 16GB ROM+2GB RAM from 8GB ROM+1GB RAM.

*GMS version includes 32GB ROM+3GB RAM

Battery Capacity

The detachable 3500mAh battery
replaces the built-in 2580mAh,
extending device’s life and
enabling continuous printing time.

Detachable 3500mAh 7.7V battery (equal to 7000mAh 3.85V)

Not limited to takeaway
ordering, but a multi-functional
payment terminal.


Dual printing

Dual printing for ticket and label printing, with SUNMI’s
label position auto-detection algorithm for a more accurate
printing. A new movable fixator has been designed to
enhance the paper roll to make it more stable.

Ticket Printing

Label Printing

2D scan engine

Upgraded to a professional 2D scan engine, to read
1D/2D barcodes even if scratched, folded or stained.

*Both Label & NFC, and Label & Scanner versions support label printing.
*Label & Scanner version supports 2D scan engines.

More highlights


Membership management,
and more.

*Both Label & NFC, and Label &
Scanner versions support NFC reading.

Front camera

Expand your use of face recognition for
scan to pay applications or employee

Extended interfaces and fiscal compliance

To answer industry specific requirements, I2C,
UART and USB hardware interfaces have been
added. An application module card slot,
protected by a dedicated cover is also built-in to
comply with certain fiscal regulations.

*Only Industry Tailored Version supports.

More Stable

Strenghtened protection.

Rubber seals protect against water, oil and dirt.

Rubber seals added to the edges of the paper bin, charging port, and earphone port help prevent water, oil and dirt damages. Even in a restaurant with a lot of oily smoke and water stains, it can protect the device for continuous and stable operations.

Designed by SUNMI.

SUNMI Business Service (SBS)

Based on SUNMI OS and SUNMI Cloud, we provide
remote assistance and other SBS services to
support partners to better serve merchants.

SUNMI & Partners

Ready to make your business thrive.​

Working with partners worldwide, SUNMI is dedicated to bringing merchants a wide range of IoT solutions.


In clothing/retail stores, assistants can use SUNMI V2s to retrieve
rapidly product data from Headquarters and other stores, quickly
process customer orders, to never miss a business opportunities.

V2s Tech Specs

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