Redefine the Scale

An intelligent Android scale which integrates receipt
printing, weighing and checkout.

Support FR Payment | High performance processor | eSIM Technology | Built-In Seiko Printer
15.6″ Dual Screen | Brand-Name Sensor | 4G Connectivity + Wi-Fi

Development Background

Much space occupied, messy counter, dull look.

Low labor efficiency, high consumables cost.

Poor compatibility, high failure risk.

Increasing operating cost.

Advanced technology for faster and stronger performance.

Users are always surprised by the smooth operation of SUNMI S2 when they
choose this intelligent cashier scale. S2’s quality is also guaranteed by a
cutting-edge processor and SUNMI OS, which makes S2 always smooth like a
new one.

High Performance Octa-Core Processor.

Mobile processor leading brand.
High performance, low power consumption,
full connectivity.

Android OS

Promoted safety & stability.
Increase the software running speed.


Over 50 items have been developed and
optimized based on the feedback from users
of previous OS.

eSIM is coming, starting a no card new era.

S2 is an intelligent cashier scale with eSIM card, which
saves you from installing any SIM card. You can feel free to
choose operators and use relevant services. It avoids the
risk brought by SIM card loss and allows users to remotely
delete all the data for security reasons even if the whole
device is lost. At the same time, S2 also supports 4G
connection and can enable users to upload data to cloud
and manage data anywhere at any time.

*This item is optional.

Single configuration

Precision Production and Manufacture

One-piece-flow quality management & control system

1 million times

Full range loading test

144 hours

Storage test under 40℃ to -10℃ temperature.


Electrostatic air discharge test.

24 hours

High temperature (40°C) high humidity (80%) test.

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