Legal Documents

SUNMI TH Legal Documents

Sunmi TH Co., Ltd.  (hereinafter referred to as “SUNMI TH” and “We” registered address: 86/125 Muntana4 Village  Kanjanapisek Road Dokmai Prawet Bangkok 10250) is the operator of the website “SUNMI TH ( We have drafted the following legal documents in accordance with Thai laws and regulations and the requirements of regulatory authorities, with an aim to protect your legitimate rights and interests and to better provide you with related services. Please read carefully and fully understand the relevant content.

I. Legal Documents for SUNMI TH Website

When you visit the official website of SUNMI (“SUNMITH Website”), we may provide the services (such as customer service) to you through third party service providers or using cookie technology to provide better services to you. You can click the following links to learn how we process your personal information or use cookie technology.

II. Legal Documents for SUNMI Device Services

The legal documents for SUNMI device services include the License Agreement on SUNMI Device Software and the SUNMI User Registration Service Agreement. The former is an agreement between you and SUNMI regarding your use of the SUNMI device software, while the latter is an agreement between you and SUNMI regarding the registration of your SUNMI account and the subsequent use of related services. You can click on the corresponding link for the full content:

III. Legal Documents for SUNMI Device Privacy

The legal documents for SUNMI device privacy provides as much detail as possible on how SUNMI processes your data, but the legal documents for SUNMI device privacy may not cover all possible data processing circumstances. SUNMI attaches great importance to the protection of each user’s personal information and privacy, and considers the security of operational data for each device to be a top priority in the design of its products.
We promise that the data you provide will only be used for the purposes described in the relevant clauses under the legal document for SUNMI device privacy. In order to protect the security of your data, we have adopted industry-standard data protection technologies and administrative measures, such as network isolation, data encryption, and employee access control. Below are the details of our data and privacy protection. You may click on the corresponding link for the full content:

IV. Contact Us

If you have any questions about the content of the above legal documents or need advice, please feel free to contact us through the following ways: Customer Service Hotline: (+66)2-114-7173; Customer Service Email: [email protected]. We will review the issues involved as soon as possible and reply to you within fifteen working days after verifying your user identity.


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