Make self-service more lightsome
than ever before.

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Only 10Kg

Dual Monitors

Vertical Monitor 15.6″

For More Scenarios

Seiko 58mm/80mm

Out of the Box

No Assembly Needed

The scanning box is 7.5° tilted toward customers, which is ergonomically convenient.

With K2 MINI (ReX Flix), customers can pay by showing a payment code after scanning products barcodes, cutting
risks caused by contact in special periods.

(*Software is to be developed by your team)

Intelligent prompts make it easy-to-use.

Customers can easily and quickly complete self-checkout with the intelligent voice prompts and products,
quantities and prices shown on the monitor.

Make things trackable with receipts.

Receipts of all transactions can be printed automatically for customers to check the information of products purchased if needed. A partition is specially designed for a 58mm till roll, which can be taken out easily.
*Software can be set to center the content to be printed

Customer screen

A smart helper for your shop assistant.

Checkout and replenishing shelves at the same time can be a headache for the only shop
assistant in a store. In this case, K2 MINI (ReX Flix) can be a smart helper guiding
customers in self-checkout while letting the shop assistant minding other works.

Single Monitor Version

Wall-Mounted Version

K2MINI Tech Specs

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