Over the years, SUNMI mobile devices, being applicable to the retail, restaurant, logistics and manufacturing businesses, have helped business owners to accelerate their digital transformation in store operations.

V Series
V Series products integrate the functions of printing, barcode scanning, voice broadcast as well as touch screens, thus meeting merchants’ needs in checkout, ordering, order receiving and management.
L Series
SUNMI L Series contains handheld computers which can read barcodes, RFID tags and contactless cards, with which you can enjoy an excellent mobility, and collect and manage a large amount of data efficiently.
M Series
Big touch screen, easy operation, toughness, guaranteed performance… SUNMI enterprise tablets are designed to meet all your needs in doing business.


SUNMI provides you devices that can accept omnichannel payments – bank cards, QR codes and e-wallets, and also apply for coupon redemption, online order receiving and loyalty programs, thus making your day-to-day business more efficient

P Series
Being versatile, SUNMI P Series can be used on a checkout counter and in your hand to accept payments made with a magnetic stripe card, an IC card, an NFC card or a QR code.


The online and offline integration drives store owners to improve their operational efficiency and customer experience with solutions integrating various devices and smart systems.

T Series
T series presents industry-leading, award-winning desktop POS terminals, making it a flagship of SUNMI as well as a good choice for merchants pursuing high performance.
D Series
SUNMI D Series is specially designed for those who run start-ups, those who pursue goals without compromises. It integrates the unique SUNMI design DNA and professional performance to meet a store’s daily operation needs.
S Series
Integrating weighing, checkout, printing and other functions in one device, SUNMI S Series answers the high requirements on efficiency driven by New Retail. It’s user-friendly UI also adds the convenience for self-service weighing.


Being applicable to restaurants, retail stores, hotels and other sectors, our kiosks will improve your operational efficiency and digital transformation, let alone the convenience they will bring to your customers.

K Series
A self-service terminal cuts a store’s costs on operations and labor cost, and also adds more fun to a shopping experience, thus earning it an increasing popularity and recognition among merchants.


Have your in-store devices connected with our IoT products, and gain higher cost- effectiveness leveraging digital operations.


Make your devices as versatile as they can be with a wide range of accessories.