SUNMI Scanner

Fast and accurate scanning that
efficiently handles high-volume
payment processing.

Multi-purpose, for all your needs. Superior, both inside and outside.

Quick scanning.

Adapts to various environment. Captures
1D/2D barcodes on screen and paper
even in poorly-lit environment.
Equipped with high-performance CMOS imaging
chip as well as white soft light and red light to fill
light and focus, the scanner can easily aim and
identify the code shown on the screen or printed
on the paper even in poorly-lit environment.

Accurate identification assures rapid scanning of exceptional codes.

Use fast image decoding algorithm to read
distorted 1D/2D barcodes accurately.
With fast image decoding algorithm, the scanner can accurately read
1D/2D codes even if they are contaminated, wrinkled or distorted.

Vibrating alert for noisy environment.

In addition to the indicator light and buzzer, vibrating alert is
also added to offer the staff a haptic feedback on code
scanning. With this, no scan can be missed even in the
nosiest environment.

SUNMI 2D Handheld
Scanner Base

Specially designed for SUNMI 2D Handheld Scanner.
When a scanner is put into this base, it automatically
switches to continuous mode to read barcodes, easily
enabling self-checkout or hand-free barcode scanning.

Scanner Tech Specs

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